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Mister Cold carries a complete line of Premium Beverage Coolers featuring The Fridge™ Freezable Koozies, Koolit™ Coolers, and Reusable Mess-Free Ice for everyday use. The Fridge™ is a Freezable Can Cooler unlike any other cooler on the market. Unlike regular can coolers, our freezable can coolers will keep your drink cold for hours.

Koolit Golf Cooler Golf Koolit by Mister Cold Koolit Collapsible Cooler Bag Palm Tree Beach Koolit Cooler Budweiser Collapsible Cooler
Bud Light Coolit Cooler Blue Hawaii Koolit Collapsible Cooler Fishing Lures 12 pack Cooler Wine Koolit Cooler Bag

Koolit Collapsible Coolers

Koolit coolers are made from a remarkable material that is ideal for a portable cooler. The structure of the material is very light making it easier to carry yet quite strong to hold 12 cans plus ice. The insulated material will keep your beverages cold for hours and its sealed seams will not leak.Close the Koolit cooler with the built in closures in the handle. Two snaps hold the two piece handle together as one to close the bag and keep the cold beverages insulated. The Koolit Cooler Bag with its material properties and flexibility, does what most coolers can only dream of - it collapses to just 1" thick when empty. Just press it flat and put it where no cooler has gone before. Our small size takes up less storage space and will easily fit in a your suitcase, under your car seat, or in many golf bags.

  • Shielded with extra-thick Lifoam Super-Kool insulation
  • Extra strength and carrying capacity
  • Lightweight, Collapsible, Convenient
  • Holds 12-12 oz. cans plus ice
  • Holds a 2-liter bottle or 3-750ML bottles of wine
  • Keeps contents cold with or without ice
  • Leak proof, heat sealed seams
  • Easy snap handle
Koolit products have been shown on a number of television networks and infomercials including ESPN. The injection molded handle and polyethylene bag creates an easy to use, fun and functional cooler bag that can go anywhere you do. We currently stock Koolit Coolers ini the following designs: Golf (Classic Club), Golf (Mister Cold), Beach (Palm Tree), Budweiser, Budlight, Blue Hawaii, Fishing, and our new Wine Koolit Cooler.

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